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Dixie Trapper is a Wildlife Manager that focuses on a safe humane management of all wildlife.

Trapping is not always the best means and should be considered a last stich effort or a matter of last resort.

The first step in wildlife management is a proper inspection.  Yes I can trap the wildlife getting into your attic, however if it is not cleaned up properly and if the entry points are not repaired.  Then they will come back.

Nuisance wildlife is wildlife that causes (or is about to cause) property damage, presents a threat to public safety, or causes an annoyance within, under or upon a building.

Human activities can attract wildlife looking for an easy high-calorie meal or shelter. Unfortunately this can bring them into conflict with the interests of people, and the wildlife can be considered to be a nuisance. Most wildlife/human conflicts can be resolved by removing the attractant. If removing the attractant is not feasible or has been tried and is not working, other measures to remove nuisance wild animals can be taken. Trapping a nuisance animal should be a matter of last resort.

Service Scheduling

We schedule our service calls for the first opening available.  Sometimes that is same day. 

You will be normally given a time window.  IE: 08:00 to 8:30 depending on your location and the location of our available service vehicle.

Most of our daily schedule is in place the day before and some service is scheduled on Monday for the week.

Most days we can work in a few extra service calls we take new calls until 6PM unless it is an emergency and then we will respond 24/7 “As soon as possible” based on the type of call.  A raccoon in a tree can probably wait until the morning, however a Venomous snake in your garage needs to be a high priority.

We are able to proces your payment on site via moble device
A recipt will be emailed to you at the time of transaction.

We are able to print your invoice and recipt, however would prefer to use elecronic means of documentation.

Dixie Trapper uses QuickBooks invoicing.  Pay your bill on line from your invoice.

We accept

Dixie Trapper is a registered name with the State of Florida, Licensed and registered with the FWCC, In the City of Lakeland in Polk County, Florida.  A member of the Florida Trappers Association, the National Trappers Association, Inc., the NRA, NFPA, NSC, and the American Legion


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