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Inspection service


In order to provide our customers with the most thorough and non-invasive inspection possible Dixie Trapper employs digital technology with IP cameras, endoscopes and oscilloscopes.   

Inspections include all buildings on property and the property it’s self including the perimeter.  Inspections may include culverts, burrows, holes, attics and crawl spaces.

Inspections reports will be provided electronically by email at no additional charge, with full color photos and recommendations.  Upon customer request a black and white hard copy may be provided for an additional $2.00 or a full color hard copy may be provided on site for an additional $5.00 additional fees may be subject to Polk County sales tax.

Inspections start at $65.00 and the property owner is responsible for resolving issues and following recommendations sited in the inspection report.  Should the property owner decide to use additional services provided by Dixie Trapper then the inspection fee shall be waved for non-commercial customers.

Attention!  Property managers and the like, ask us about our multiple dwelling discounts.