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It's very disturbing how I walk into a customer’s home and find out that I'm not the first Wildlife Manager to remove an animal from their home and to find that no remediation or exclusion was conducted, and in some cases not even recommended.


Wildlife that enters your home or other buildings can be removed, however if you or the wildlife manager you call does not follow up with remediation to prevent a recurrence than I can guarantee that you will have problems again.


You do not just need to be concerned with keeping the wildlife out.  You also need to be concerned with parasites and diseases that the wildlife has left behind or that will result in failure to properly clean the area and remove any nest, or other site that the wildlife inhabited.


Yes remediation can be expensive, however most takes less than a hour and cost less than $50.00 depending on your situation.


Example #1


A customer had an Armadillo under his mobile home that got into the A/C duct work. Dixie Trapper went in and trapped the Armadillo and then recommended replacing the damaged ductwork, and repairing the skirting of the mobile home.  The cost of the remediation was $165.00 this included skirting down one whole side of the mobile home, about 60 bricks and 10 feet of ductwork and one hour of labor. 


To Date the customer has not had a recurrence.  


Example #2


A customer had a Squirrel in her chimney.  Dixie Trapper removed the Squirrel and recommended the chimney be capped and the area the Squirrel was in be disinfected.   She agreed and Dixie Trapper placed a mesh cap over the chimney opening and disinfected the area.  This job was so small we just included the remediation in the cost of the service call.  Customers cost was $65.00


To date the cap is still in place and there has been no recurrence.


Example #3


A customer had Squirrels in his attic.  Dixie Trapper removed the squirrels and upon inspection found none of the vents or the chimney had any covers on them.  One of the vents had been chewed on and inside the attic space we found a hole chewed into the flex duct from the shower fan to the vent pipe.  A small nest was found in the area.  Dixie Trapper removed all the nest made in the insulation and disinfected the area.  The customer capped the vents himself and replaced the insulation.  The remediation Dixie Trapper conducted was included in the service call because the customer decided to have the waste placed in his trash and covered the vents and chimney himself. The quote for remediation was $75.00 if the customer had decided to have us do it all and remove the waste.


Sometimes the remediation needed requires a licensed contractor. It is highly recommended that you follow through with all of the recommendations for remediation on your inspection report.  To have an inspection or removal without resolving the issues, access point or debris is simply leaving the welcome mat out for another animal to take the place of the one you just got rid of.